9 Tips: Formatting a Press Release

Are you sending out a properly formatted press release?

Correct formatting can make or break your next press release in the eyes of the media. Based on time-tested traditions that reach all the way back into the day of the telegram, here are 9 crucial (yet simple) tips for formatting a proper press release that get taken seriously.

  1. press-release-templateAlways use bold & cap case Letters on All of the Key Words in the Header.
  2. Always underline the header.
  3. Try and fit header on one line.
  4. Try starting the press release with a question you can answer within the content.
  5. Try adding teaser content in the first paragraph followed by the rest of press release content.
  6. Do not use big images. Instead link to downloadable images.
  7. Don’t use a  lot of extra colors for links or call out text. Keep it simple on the eyes.
  8. Link images back to the website.
  9. Always end a press release with the symbol:   -###-



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