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Music festivals have become far more than a gathering of bands and have morphed into a sub-cultural phenomenon that emphasize collaboration, ritual and enlightenment and strive to leave attendees transformed.

This is the rise of the transformational festival, a distinctive brand of music festival that provides far more than just music. And on Aug. 14, Colorado will see a one-of-a-kind festival in Loveland at the 350-acre sustainable Sunrise Ranch.

The first annual ARISE Music Festival runs from Aug. 14-18 and will feature musical headliners like Michael Franti & Spearhead, Xavier Rudd, Kelly & The Keels, Zap Mama and others.

A diverse array of musical guests will perform on the four different temporary stages, and Sunrise’s permanent 400-seat domed theater will host internationally recognized speakers like actress and activist Daryl Hannah and environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill, according to ARISE producer Paul Bassis.

Bassis, who had taken a break from festival planning, decided to return to the business when the idea was formed with a group of music professionals.

“Many of our team have worked on festivals all over the country,” Bassis says.

The theater will also feature films and workshops. ARISE will be split into theme camps including the Hemp Village, Kids Village and Organic Food and Beverage Village. More than 100 bands, DJs, presenters, artists, activists and filmmakers will come together with, Bassis explains, the purpose of entertaining and empowering.

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