Creators of Beloved Festival Unleash Inaugurada La Primavera

A Multi-Venue Call-to-Action in Response to the Immigration Ban

From the creators of Beloved Festival comes Inaugurada La Primavera on April 21 & 22  — two nights of joy and justice and a multi-venue call-to-action. Featuring Alex + Allyson GreyLas Cafeteras, and a diverse array of musicians and artists, this Portland, Oregon celebration catalyzes hope and accountability in the midst of uncertainty and benefits the Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project.

This celebration of hope and spring will kick off on April 21st at the historic Melody — Beloved Presents, along with diverse artists from across the country are joining together in recognition that our liberation is bound together, and in the shared understanding that there must be both joy and justice; art and accountability; spirituality and activism.

Partnering alongside the Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project — a local, worker-led organization that empowered diverse day laborers and immigrants — Inaugurada La Primavera raises up the core values of humanity, respect, and solidarity in the midst of this potent and terrifying political climate.

Stepping inside Pablo Neruda’s poem “The Spring,” Inaugurada La Primavera, or “the awakening of spring,” inspires its participants to cultivate a vision for a new world by sowing seeds of hope when the world feels hopeless.

A direct response to the current administration’s immigration ban, ICE raids, and denial of basic human rights for immigrants and refugees, Inaugurada lifts up the voices and visions of the Latino/a community and invites the community to come together around a new paradigm of conscious leadership and engagement. Event organizers hope to stimulate dialogue between communities, foster new relationships, and invite creative ways of activating change.

Join Beloved Presents and Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project for a special evening with Alex + Allyson Grey and an exploration of the vital voices of the Latino/a community. Enjoy a multi-course organic feast showcasing delicious flavors of Mexico and the fresh bounty of the Pacific Northwest, and share in conversation and community. Sip local wine and listen to the music of Edna Vazquez, a Portland-based musician from Jalisco, Mexico, then dance the night away with legendary band Las Cafeteras and Gran Ritmos co-founder Coast2c — all backed by the stunning visuals of Johnathan Singer. All proceeds from this evening will go to benefit Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project.

On April 22nd, Inaugurada La Primavera will expand to the Crystal Ballroom for a night of ecstatic dance, visuals, and live art featuring a wellspring of talent including Alex + Allyson Grey plus PhutureprimitiveThe Human ExperienceOrquestra Pacifico Tropical, and the self-proclaimed “ethno-chaos” of Ukraine’s DakhaBrakha, a group that feels both intimately tied to their homeland, yet instantly compelling for international audience.

“We just want people to know our culture exists,” mused Marko Halanevych of DakhaBrakha, the remarkable Kyiv-based ensemble that has broken down the tired musical framework for Ukrainian traditional music. “We want people to know as much as possible about our corner of the world.”

The quartet does far more than introduce Ukranian music or prove it is alive and well. They craft stunning new sonic worlds for traditional songs, reinventing their heritage with a keen ear for contemporary resonances. With one foot in the urban avant-garde theater scene and one foot in the village life that nurtured and protected Ukraine’s cultural wealth, DakhaBrakha shows the full fury and sensuality of some of Eastern Europe’s most breathtaking folklore.

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