Denver People’s Fair Celebrates 46 Years of Denver’s Creative Culture This June

The Denver People’s Fair will commence June 3rd and 4th at Civic Center Park in downtown Denver featuring an eclectic mix of national and local entertainment, live music, nearly 100 fine artists and hundreds of local food and craft vendors. A long-running Denver tradition, the 46-year-old event will open its doors in celebration of the local community and the creative instincts that have inspired the city for nearly a half a century.

1972 was an interesting time for Denver residents. The Denver Rockets were the official basketball team,  Led Zeppelin rocked the Denver Coliseum to a legendary sold-out show that took the city by storm, and many original downtown saloons and old buildings were renovated and revitalized as part of the now controversial Skyline Urban Renewal Project. Nationally, voters in high waisted pants and platform shoes chose Nixon for his second term, the world saw it’s largest anti-war protest, Watergate came to a head, and the average house cost less than 30K.

The perfect climate for a People’s Fair, the first rendition of the event was initially organized at Morey Junior High School by the local police department as an effort to bring the community together during a time of political unrest. What started as a community BBQ featuring local music, food, and local arts grew quickly to East High School before landing at Civic Center Park, where the event still resides.

Over the years the annual street fair has kept its laser focus on community-building, local performers, and a wellspring of artisans and artists that make up the backbone of the festival today.

The 2017 People’s Fair will bring art to the forefront of the festival with many creative community-inspired projects including a unique ongoing mural project and live art competition which pairs teams of local and at-risk youth to paint murals on site during the festival. Aspiring artists will also have a chance to paint masterpieces by following along with guest artist and instructors at three open painting sessions per day during the event. A wealth of free craft projects for kids, sports activities, and bungee trampolines, bouncy houses and carnival rides will also be on hand for families of all ages to enjoy.

For those looking to try craft beers, sample new foods and check out some excellent live music – the 2017 People’s Fair will feature musical performances by GusterNight Riots, and Jeremy Garrett’s Fiddle Science – as well as over 30 other performances including bands, artists, drag shows, and creative community entertainers.

The cultural event of the city, the Denver People’s Fair is always free to attend and those pesky food and drink tickets are now a thing of the past. Attendees will have the chance to purchase VIP upgrades for the festival for the first time this year, which includes premium stage viewing, a shaded VIP lounge, two free drinks, a VIP bar, and separate VIP entrance all weekend for just $20.