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EOTO is comprised of members of The String Cheese Incident, but it’s a decidedly different musical endeavor. Their jams are filled with bleeps, bloops, and a healthy dosage of tribal vibrations. They also happen to improvise their entire set. Yes, every set.

The fellas in EOTO have been band mates for a long time, and they’re competent enough players to boldly plunge into bizarre, altered-states of experimental electronica. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they know each other’s musical tendencies in an incredibly close way.

EOTO will bring their otherworldly improvised greatness to The Parish on Wednesday, December 10th. We talked to one half of the band, Jason Hann about their set up, plans for recording and more.

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Do512: How important is the visual component to your live shows?

EOTO: It’s something that we always like to incorporate. Having this all-encompassing experience, where people feel like they’re transported and it’s creatively inspiring. Stuff to trip out on and see things in a different way. We want it to be an art form as opposed to a purely party atmosphere.

Do512: Considering how gear-heavy you guys are as a band, are you constantly acquiring new pieces of equipment?

EOTO: It’s been pretty stable for the past year, I think Travis might morph his setup a little hit more. Sometimes he’ll find a new keyboard or something. I think we’re both always on the lookout to make our setup easier or things that would inspire new sounds. For the number of shows we play, sometimes the sound itself might dictate a change in the moment. I was just searching last night for multiple iPad mounts because I have four in my setup and it can get kind of crazy.

Do512: When you’ve take a break from EOTO, do you have to relearn how to make this kind of music together?

EOTO: It’s a little harder setup wise. If we know we’re not going to be playing together for awhile we make sure label all of our cables to make it easier for us. That way we don’t have to think about those things when we sound check. It’s good to know that the gear is working, and then you can remember what button does what. You do start to take it for granted, and when you’ve been away for awhile it takes some time to get it back.

Do512: Has improvisation always been something you’ve found joy in?

EOTO: Absolutely. Improvisation feels like the fire. There’s all kinds of technical reasons why you learn music, and I feel like that’s so that in these moments of excitement you can experiment in these fluid ways. When you open up your mind you can just let ideas flow and push things musically. It makes in the moment decision making possible.

Do512: Do you have plans for another album?

EOTO: We do, but not in the same way we did it in the past. In the past we’ve basically just set up in a room and recorded like we would, but without an audience. We’ll stay on a theme for about 12 minutes and then try to take the best five or six minutes and clean those up. Tighten the recording and add some mixing maneuvers.

This time we talked about taking the recording of stems from each of drums and keyboard from our live show and then send it to our friends like Bassnectar or Glitchmob. It would be nice to have a recording of us doing our live thing and then have someone remix it. Right now I don’t think people are putting EOTO tracks in their DJ sets because it’s kind of its own vibe. It’d be nice to have it represented like that.

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