From festivals to conventions, rock n’ roll tours and specialty events our clients dominate the front cover of the newspaper, the radio waves, and the local blogs.

We can’t help it. We’re so committed to our event marketing clients that we are not afraid to work all night, just to make you shine. Our award-winning event marketing team knows how to deliver to the masses, with results you can measure (we even provide the tools). More than just traditional publicity, we handle all aspects of the marketing campaign including web design & maintenance, ad design, social media, public relations as well as on-site PR and media areas. Our team is renowned providing incredible publicity services before, during and after the event.

We intentionally maintain a small roster of clients including independent musicians, event promoters and small businesses allowing us to provide an attention to detail that is second to none.

Public Relations Services
With 13 years doing Event Marketing we have time-tested relationships and built-in discounts with media vendors across the front range. Save money. Save time. Save the hassle. We can take care of the details for you.

Ad-Buy Program
We design custom wordpress sites from the ground-up including Facebook interaction, Twitter integration and powerful animation all packed in a user-friendly wordpress powered dashboard.

Spread your message virally. We create web friendly animation, admats and advertisements as well as provide the code for tech-savvy ‘pass it on campaigns‘. We also provide services for email marketing, mobile websites as well as print marketing.

Print and Web Design


The world of Search Engine Optimization can be a vast and confusing world. The vocabulary itself suggests that the task is not only daunting, but perhaps out of reach. It’s not unusual for a Tsunami client to look at our marketing team in wonderment whenever the topic arises. Yet, the truth be told, site optimization is not as scary as it sounds.

Over the years we have helped conventions, retail stores, start-ups and catering companies alike get their brand established in the search engines in record time.

SEO Boost