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Art, music and crystals are converging at the classic Fonda Theater in Hollywood on Friday, January 16, 2015. Euphonic Conceptions, In The Loop Productions, and The Do Lab present Re:Creation the Official LA Gem and Jam Festival Pre-Party Favor. Featuring live painting by Alex and Allyson Grey to the sounds of Random Rab, Thriftworks, Russ Liquid, Desert Dwellers and Soulular, this stellar lineup is a taste of what’s to come at the official festival located in Tuscon, Arizona on February 6th-8th. Early bird tickets to the pre-party are sold out but general admission is still available.

Now open to all ages, this event is a community gathering where friends, family and artists can come to appreciate and illuminate. Last year’s event was at a smaller Hollywood venue reflecting the growth of this movement. The strength of the music festival and Burning Man community is growing exponentially where the music and art are the soil of this flourishing family tree. Surrounding yourself with inspirational figures is a beautiful experience to share with loved ones of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the most anticipated artists on this line up is Jake Atlas, or Thriftworks, as his recently released album is melting our minds and vibrating our innards. Released in three parts, Fade, Fader and Fadest, his sticky beats and celestial sounds have shown his growth and evolution. Full length albums, let alone three-part albums, are a rarity in the electronic music world. This prolific work is a sign of Thriftworks’ dedication and passion to his craft. There is no skipping tracks on this record, only repeating, as each song is unique and ranges in genres. With elements of hip hop, bass music, divine melodies, and nebulous sounds, just press play and ride the comet.

Alex and Allyson Grey, psychedelic power couple, will be live dance-painting for all to see. The depth of their love is tangible, filling any space they are in with cosmic ripples of color. Watching two, highly esteemed artists work together is truly a magnetic experience. They not only have a strong connection to the art, but also to the music, making their exhibition feel whole. Finding the right combinations of words to describe these otherworldly beings is a challenge as their energy is best felt in person. They are universal travelers, their canvas the portal and their paintbrush the key.

Join this band of Merry Pranksters as we dip into the hearts and minds of some of today’s most talented artists, musicians and performers. A new wave of art is taking hold. It is a symbiotic art that shares vibrations and sounds, where senses mingle and everyone contributes and co-creates. The art is the community itself. What would live painting be without an audience to fuel it? What would a show be without performers for the audience to watch? It is this reciprocation of energy emblazons the creative furnace. Come ignite with us!

Event Details:
All ages!
Date: Friday, January 16th, 2015
Location: Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Doors: 8:00pm

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