Locally Owned Team Player Productions Brings a Bright Future for Colorado Residents and Small Businesses

If you have visited a local brewery’s street party, attended a community food or wine festival, or enjoyed a mountain concert in Colorado, chances are the Colorado-based Team Player Productions had a hand in its success.

From Portland, OR to Portland, ME the modest, independently run organization has been quietly working to bring food, beverage, music and lifestyle events to cities around the country.

No small feat for a private group based in a state laden with corporate competition from both AEG and Live Nation, the predominantly women-run company finds its success in a niche that supports a healthy, community-first lifestyle.

Weaving together local brewpubs, chefs, outdoor activities, and unusual enthusiast experiences such as beer yoga, guided hikes, high altitude taprooms and culinary beer pairings – the Team Player mission revolves around locally produced products and the makers that create them.

The agency is responsible for a myriad of specialty events such as the Breckenridge Wine Classic, Vail Craft Beer Classic, Swap Social, Oyster Urban Adventure, Taste of Fort Collins, Park City Food & Wine Classic, Steamboat Wine Festival and Winter Park’s highly successful Divide Music Festival to name a few. While each of the events has a unique focus, the common thread that binds is the unique ability to spotlight creators while organizing fun opportunities that garner excitement beyond the brand.

Team Player Productions has been hard at work in Colorado for 21 years, and their work behind the scenes has gone far from unnoticed. As a direct result of their event-oriented fundraising efforts, Team Player Productions has raised nearly 2 Million dollars for various non-profits since its inception.

Now, with their hand in the 46-year-old Denver’s People’s Fair, Team Player Productions is making its biggest move yet. The 7 person team hopes to create a new fundraising avenue for local Denver organizations through pre-existing fundraising practices and a new stream of enthusiasm. Nurturing community outreach with at-risk youth while simultaneously striving to reinvigorate the annual street fair with fresh talent, vendors, and a hearty mission in art and diversity, Team Player Productions is stitching together a bright future for Colorado residents and small businesses alike.

The organization will play host to many up and coming Colorado events including the Denver People’s Fair, Vail Craft Beer Classic and Breckenridge Wine Classic. For more information about the company and their locally produced events check out https://tppevents.com/