Papadosio @ The Red & Black

Papadosio brings the sounds of one Athens to another. The band is from Athens, Ohio and will be filling the Georgia Theatre with its complicated mixture of electronic music.

“I feel like we’re one of the hardest bands to describe because we play a little bit of everything,” said Mike Healy, the band’s drummer. “We’re like a psychedelic, electronic, rock ‘n’ roll band, and we play so many different styles it’s kind of hard to put a finger on what we actually are. We do a little bit of everything, that’s kind of our twist — combining so many different genres together and creating a new sound, new genre. We have songs that will kind of be sounding like acoustic, low-key songs that get to the point of super heavy rock endings. You have a lot of really dancy electronic, super party music, but then we have a lot of really chill, intelligent, psychedelic folk.”

Papadosio formed seven years ago. After meeting and playing together at an improv, open jam night at a bar, the five members decided to turn themselves into a band.

“We used to all go there,” Healy said, “and just jam out with all the good musicians in town. It kind of just happened and we really liked playing with each other. And it’s just been spiraling out of control from there. Keeps getting crazier and crazier.”

The five members are: Healy, who plays drums and electronic drums creating loops and sequences; Anthony Thogmartin, playing guitar and doing guitar looping and computer effects; Rob McConnell on the bass; Sam Brouse playing piano and keys; and his brother Billy Brouse on synthesizers. Thogmartin is the band’s lead vocalist for most songs, but all of the other members, except Healy, sing as well.

“So it’s kind of a big, crazy, keyboard, computer, electronic world on stage for sure,” Healy said. “We have a lot going on.”

The band has released four albums, the most recent being its double-disc album, “T.E.T.I.O.S.” (“To End the Illusion of Separation”), in October 2012. This album shows off how much variety Papadosio has in its music.
“It’s really apparent in ‘T.E.T.I.O.S.’ all of the different styles we play because it has like a story that goes up and down through different songs,” Healy said. “It has two to three years of our lives and our songwriting, and our travels and experiences all into a crazy double-disc album. So definitely the best musical achievement I’ve ever had was creating ‘T.E.T.I.O.S.,’ that’s for sure. We all feel really good with the quality on it.”
Adding to its variety in music style with the album is the variety of artwork. The band sent the album to many different visionary artists in the United States who created their own artwork for each track. The art accompanying the songs proves the band’s many different sounds.

Papadosio played at the Georgia Theatre last October, and they are excited to be back again.
“We love Athens, Georgia,” Healy said. “It’s amazing, such a cool town. It’s kind of crazy how we grew up and formed in Athens, Ohio, and a lot of people don’t realize there’s two Athens sometimes. Two crazy, college-town party schools.”

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